Nog geen titel maargoed x) [Engels verhaal!]

Hier kan je je verhaal plaatsen die andere kunnen lezen. Niet om af te maken.
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Nog geen titel maargoed x) [Engels verhaal!]

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Caitlin’s POV
All those girls were screaming, crying and singing while One Direction sang their songs.

It was insane! A little creepy, but it was my first time at one of the many concerts from my cousin Liam and his best friends.

Yes i know that i’m lucky to be his cousin! He’s so sweet, Danielle is a lucky girl with Liam as her boyfriend.

Oh yeah, i’m Caitlin, sixteen-year-old girl from Wolverhampton, nice to meet you.

After the concert my dad and I went backstage to meet the lads, and to say hi to Liam of course.

That moment when Liam saw me he smiled at me and ran over to me to give me a massive hug.

‘’Caithiee!’’ he said with his big smile when he hugged me.

‘’Liam!’’ i said and gave him a big hug back.

We hugged for a little while, it was nice to see him again. Last time I saw him was like 1 month ago.

‘’So that is your cousin,’’ said a voice behind Liam, I couldn’t see who it was exactly but it sounded like Niall.

Liam nodded and said that my name was Caitlin. ‘’Nice to meet you,’’ Niall smiled and he walked back to the other boys.

Liam took my hand and walked over to the boys. ‘’Boys this is my cousin Caitlin,’’ he said with a proud smile on his face.

The lads stood up from the couch they were siting on and walked over to us.

‘’I think you know our names?’’ Harry asked.
100% Proud and True Directioner till the end.

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